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Flashback Friday With Taurus riley August 29 2014

  • Flashback Friday With Taurus riley August 29 2014
  • Flashback Friday With Taurus riley August 29 2014
  • Flashback Friday With Taurus riley August 29 2014
  • Flashback Friday With Taurus riley August 29 2014



A blast from the past: Jamaican Playboy Playmate of the month September 1985 Venice Kong

Buxom, gorgeous and voluptuous knockout Venice Kong was born on December 17, 1961 in St. Mary, Jamaica. Her Asian father's family owned a bakery and a small market in St. Mary. Moreover, both Kong's mother and aunt worked as Playboy bunnies...

November 18th 2014Views 42Comments 0

The latest dumb product on the market: The Bug-A-Salt Fly killer

So while enjoying a fave cartoon (yes there are adult cartoons) late one night, a commercial interrupted the fun to market the absolute dumbest product ever invented. Initially the assumption was that it was a joke! A part of Adult Swim's...

November 8th 2014Views 39Comments 0

New York legal system still shows total disregard for blacks: Cops get off free after abusing 14yo

Reported by, Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson has decided against filing criminal charges against Sgt. Eliezer Pabon, who is accused of smashing a handcuffed 14-year-old Javier Payne through the window of a hookah bar....

November 7th 2014Views 43Comments 0

The fact of life is that everyone will die, it's about how much you make of the life you have.

So many people spend their lives chasing the unseen myths, and sacrifice the pleasures that natural life offers. Like Nike says, 'just do it' and enjoy it! Death is unpredictable but your daily satisfaction is in your...

October 29th 2014Views 48Comments 0


A study indicates that porn movies are way less erotic when the performer is a single female posing explicitly nude and masturbating with all the wild sex toys. Even an all girl flick has little excitement for the heterosexual male, but a naked male with fully exposed penis included in the scene, makes the show more stimulating. One would think that any image of a naked man would be disturbing to the hardcore homophobic, especially Jamaican men, but it is what they go for when seeking porn videos.

The ethnicity statistic is determined from marketing reports which tracks ALL online purchases and gathers the buyer's entire data. Yes, they go all the way back to that document one completes at the point of entry. Even if one is born in America, they know the lineage and categorize accordingly for all kinds of marketing and other financial stats.

Is it that a hardcore homophobic is secretly excited by male nudity hence the reason they violently bash gays so as to convince others and themselves that they are not gay? The science has proven that a man does not have to be gay to be excited by anything connoting sex, so an erect penis on a lean muscular male is expected to cause penile stimulation for the man viewing, and it does not make him gay.

So the next time you log into your porn video subscription, take note of the videos you favor and don't feel disturbed that you have an erection seeing another man's hard penis!


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