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MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This - 1990

What a hit this was! So much that MC Hammer could not handle the success and blew it all in a few years, but we loved the beat and his dancing


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Celebrity Fashion

Which of these Jamaican female celebrities wears the outfit best?


Yendi Philips

Miss Jamaica World 2007


Shelley-Ann Fraser

2 time gold medal Olympian


Tessanne Chin

Recording artist and winner of The Voice 2013

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Mother's Day Concert With Sanchez New York - May 2014

  • Mother's Day Concert With Sanchez - May 2014
  • Mother's Day Concert With Sanchez - May 2014
  • Mother's Day Concert With Sanchez - May 2014
  • Mother's Day Concert With Sanchez - May 2014

Wild Web Of Pictures


Would you wear this bikini if you had the body for it?

This bikini isn't trying to conceal anything. It does just enough to be considered legal at public beaches. The questions are:

Guys, would you be OK with your woman or daughter wearing this bikini publicly? Women, if you had the ideal...
July 30th 2014Views 26Comments 0

Eccentric Or Fashionable?

Is it that these artists are showing their crazy look in order to regain musical notoriety or have they just gone wacko?

The 'Wild Apache Supercat' looking a bit crazy...

June 22nd 2014Views 4Comments 0


So many videos have been published to this fad of the Harlem Shake and all are pretty much the same quickie but Azelia Banks, the rapper from Harlem, has added some verses that now gives it a club vibe. Along with her fine ass body, she shakes the booty and prances around and sometimes adding a little goof for comedic effect. It is all around good. 5 star video.


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