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The Pocket Hose is a rage now but already the complaints are rolling

pocket-hoseYou may have seen the barrage of TV ads for the hose that will go anywhere, handled by a 4 year old and tow a 1 ton truck. It's called the Pocket Hose. It seemed like the greatest thing since sliced bread but just as all those other super duper As-Seen-On-TV products, it comes with loads of complaints.

A friend bought one because she figured it was just as shown on the TV. She figured it would be a great christmas gift and be different from anything else being wrapped this holiday. She placed her order in week 1 of November and after 3 weeks she still had not received it. She called just got the run around. In week 5 which was in December she was truly upset when still nothing had arrived and no one was giving her any valid response.

Having been a long time skeptic of these super products which are, 'valued at $500 but if you order now you get not one but 3 just for $19.95, but you MUST ordr NOW!', I did some research and wouldn't you know it, others have had similar issues.

Some posts at

I made a purchase on the site. I purchased a 25 foot hose and was to get one free. during checkout I was offered a deal. purchase one more hose and shipping would be taken off the shipment. I did so and when i clicked finish I was like WTF!

They had added a 75 foot hose @ $39.00 and the $7.99 shipping was still there.

I tied to cancel the order and they tell me they cant for 48 to 72 hours when it post. Total bs.




In mid November I ordered some of these Pocket Hoses as gifts for Christmas. I went through the whole confusing ordering process where you get a second one supposedly free and completed the order. After 4 weeks I did not see any charge to my credit card and there was no confirmation in my email. I placed a second order. When I finally called the company, they told me that due to popular demand the order had been delayed. I asked them to cancel my first order and they said…we can’t for 72 hours. It is not showing up on our system. After 72 hours I called them again, and they said that it was still not showing up. I asked to speak to a manager and magically the order showed up but “click” the phone hung up. I was enraged and called back and went through the same process of getting someone on the phone. The customer service person did not want to put me through to a supervisor and asked how she could help. After another 20 minutes on the phone I was able to have her cancel both orders since they had no idea when I could get my order.

This is not to discourage you from purchasing the product but to make you aware of the possible problems and that you should do lots of research when buying items advertised at 2am on TV.

Other sites with complaints about the Pocket Hose

Pissed Consumer

User Rating:  / 34


0 #135 Robert A. Lewis 2014-08-06 15:51
the pocket hose is a piece of JUNK! Don't waste your money! They all leaked after a few weeks!
0 #134 Robert A. Lewis 2014-08-06 15:48
what a piece of JUNK! I have had three of them and they ALL leaked within a few weeks! DON'T waste your money!!
0 #133 Robert A. Lewis 2014-08-06 14:59
They are worthless! I have had three and they all leaked after very little use! there is no way to patch them! They are a piece of JUNK! Very expensive if you have to throw them out! DON'T waste your money!!
0 #132 Robert A. Lewis 2014-08-06 14:56
what a worthless piece of JUNK!! I have had three of them! one 50ft and two 25ft. they all sprang leaks after very little use! there is NO way to fix the leak. you have to throw away the hose! EXPENSIVE!! DON'T BE FOOLED!! They are NO GOOD!!!
0 #131 Rob 2014-08-05 18:59
Just a friendly warning KEEP AWAY FROM GASOLINE!!!! The hose will DISINTEGRATE ON CONTACT!!!!! Guess how I learned this little tidbit.....YUP I need a new hose, purchased at a discount store for $9.99. Really like the product though. BB&Beyond has them w/ 20%off discount 75ft.
+2 #130 kje 2014-06-02 14:34
I have now purchased 2 of these " greatly improved" hoses. 3x stronger they say. I say bull****!!! Both of them have burst and blown the ends off. I really think that the company needs to STOP SELLING this defective product! Also not a very happy camper! DONT BUY THIS PORDUCT!!!
+1 #129 Barry W. Hersh 2014-06-02 11:58
In 5 weeks I have had 5 hoses fail. Every one burst within the third use. I have followed all directions of draining, turning off valve, storing out of sun. I do not drag them but carry them to where I want to water. The lady at Wallgreens said they are having them returned every day. My opinion is that this product is worthless and not as advertised.
+1 #128 B. prettyman 2014-05-23 14:35
This hose is worthless. It sprang a hole about half way down after only occasional use. I was very careful to drain it completely after each use. There is no way to get through to a real person at customer service. The line is only to check on an order. Don't waste your money on this product. It's a sham.
+2 #127 Deebee 2014-05-09 16:12
Bought 3 of the Pocket Hoses from Walgreens in the St Louis area in the Spring of 2013. 2 of them have already busted. One got pin holes all through it and the other just busted off the end. They are supposed to be guaranteed. These are a rip off and you cannot return them if you purchased them from a retail outlet. The return policy for Telebrands is a joke. So you are just out the money so don't waste it by buying these pocket hoses.
0 #126 Joy 2014-05-05 21:22
We purchased the pocket hose at Home Depot. No problem returning it, but we are on our third trip now to get our money back. The product was defective splurting water everywhere but where it was supposed to both times. Makes you wonder about the quality of the product.

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