Written by on March 2, 2017

The Prime Minister of the Bahamas is under fire for flipping the bird to a critic during a speech.

On Monday, Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie made the obscene gesture, while speaking at a community meeting for his ruling Progressive Liberal Party.

Christie spent most of his time berating the opposition Free National Movement and its leader Dr. Hubert Minnis, highlighting what he called Minnis’s failures, and touting his own admiration’s successes over the past 5 years.

About 30 minutes into his speech, Christie told the crowd – which included children, that a “lunatic” had challenged him to admit that he owned a condominium obtained through political impropriety, to which he responded ““This is what I told him”, the stuck up his middle finger.

The move quickly went viral on social media, with many finding it extremely offensive and calling for the Prime Minister to apologize, including several religious organizations that called his behavior completely unbecoming of a political leader.

While others say Christie’s middle finger should not come as surprise because Bahamians have always sat idly by and accept unacceptable behavior and poor performance from its leaders.

Prime Minister Perry Christie has since apologized for making the obscene gesture, saying out of obligation to his family, the office he holds, the country he leads, and the future generation, he felt he needed to make amends. As part of his apology, Christie said “I take responsibility and I indicate that there was never any intention to speak to any other person or issue but those who were attacking me or my family.”

Perry Christie is seeking another term in office. Since he has been in power, Christie has been at the center of several controversies – including his tenure being the bloodiest 5 years in Bahamian history with at least 600 murders recorded to date.

Other controversies include the nation having a record dept of $2 billion, and the scandal surrounding mega hotel project the Baha Mar.

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