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A Grenadian family is accusing police in Barbados of harassment and humiliation.

A family of 5 – the Gilbert parents, their 2 daughters, and a cousin, were in Barbados last October to renew their passports.

While shopping in Bridgetown, they purchasing items from one Mall, then went across the street to another. They say the owner of the store followed them and accused one of the girls of stealing her cell phone.

The Gilberts say they emptied their bags for the store owner, but unsatisfied, she said she was going to check her security cameras, but instead she returned with more than 20 police officers – who told the Gilberts that if they did not go to the police willingly, they would be arrested on suspicion of theft, so they complied.

Throughout the 6 hour ordeal, the Gilberts said the officers of the were very aggressive and hostile, shouting insults and berating them.
One of the daughters says the 3 girls were taken to the bathroom by a female officers who told them to take off “all their clothes, stoop low and cough”.

They further say that a senior officer later apologized, admitting “a lot of things that happen today should not have”, but they were not released until one of the daughters changed her written statement to remove comments referring to ‘an embarrassing strip search’.

The sisters recently went to local television talk show ‘You Decide’ for assistance, after the family spent 3 months trying to secure a lawyer to take their case. They have also created a social media post ‘Humiliated in Barbados’ that has gone viral, with many people from neighboring islands telling similar stories.

The Gilbert family says the experience was so degrading that they will never visit Barbados again – unless by sheer emergency, and have

Now a team of 9 regional lawyers has been assembled to consider and assist the Gilberts with filing a lawsuit against The Royal Barbados Police Force.

Royal Barbados Police Force spokesperson Roland Cobbler said that police investigated that matter last year, but will relook into it and provide further information.

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