Written by on February 3, 2017

A new mobile medical app is expected to be rolled out in Jamaica.

Jamaican doctor and wellness practitioner Dr. Winston Davidson has created the “Doctor On Call” app that will allow people who need urgent medical care to access their doctors around the clock, anywhere in the world.

Entitled ‘Doctor On Call’, the app will be available for Jamaica’s hospitality sector first, at no additional cost to the hotels whose guests use the service.

The app uses reliable video-conferencing technology, so the doctor can actually see the person in need, and users will be able to order prescriptions and have them sent to the pharmacy of their choice.

The Doctor On Call’ app has been praised by Jamaica’s Health and Wellness Network Committee, and Dr. Davidson assures the app has been tried and proven and to be

‘Doctor On Call’ is slated to launch later this year and Dr. Davidson says its “poised to be the wave of the future for the delivery of medical care.

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