Written by on March 8, 2017

Brooklyn’s own Blacka Di Danca, recently worked in Jamaica, where he says he got plenty of love.

Blacka Di Danca, is a rising international Dancehall dancer, choreographer, and instructor. He has worked with several top artists including Collie Budz, Major Lazer, and Rihanna, and is signed to an endorsement deal with Red Bull.

He has taught Jamaican dance in 23 countries and 60 cities around the world and was most recently in Jamaica choreographing a dance routine for the recently concluded Youth View Awards for singer Nyla – formerly of Brick and Lace. While there, he also taught classes and performed in Dancehall parties.

He spent time with several Dancehall artists including Spice, Bling Dawg, and Ding Dong, and popular dancers Killa Beans, Gabbidon and Energy Bermuda, who took him around the dance scene at such events as Windward Road and the Rock Di World Dance from Shakesphere.

Blacka also spoke on the appropriation of Dancehall culture, saying he always encourages fellow foreigners to give credit to the Jamaican creators for their work. To Jamaican dancers, he suggested becoming better organized, more professional and to treat the work like a small business instead of a hobby, in order to capitalize on the many international opportunities available.

Of his stay, Blacka called Jamaicans very hospitable, the dancers very welcoming, and said he got the same respect in the Dancehall as he gets in New York.

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