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3 Trinidad & Tobago Calypsonians have threaten to sue over the results of the Calypso Monarch semi-finals.

The 3 artists are veteran Lady Gypsy, St. Vincent national Fya Empress, and local favorite Brian London.

Lady Gypsy was the first to threaten law suit, after she did not make it into the final Dimache Gras. She accused the Trinidad Unified Calypsonian Organization (TUCO) of continuously disrespecting her and said according to its rules, Fya Empress – who finished in 8th place, should not have been allowed to compete because she is not a T&T national. She also questioned how she tied in points with another artist (All-Rounder), but ranked below him.

TUCO bowed to Lady Gypsy’s demands and disqualied Fya Empress, and alloted the spot to her, causing Fya Empress in turn to threaten her own suit

Fya Empress – who is married to a Tobagonian and has lived in T&T for more than 15 years, is now demanding to be reinstated because she has been a a financial member of TUCO since 2007 and was never banned from participating in competitions. In fact, she has competed in several Calypso Monarchs, even winning in 2012.

The third lawsuit comes from Brian London who is also threatening to take TUCO court, saying in the Monarch semi-finals, he was penalized 4 marks for going 2 minutes over time, which kept him from getting into the finals. London says that in the 12 years he has participated in the event, there has never been a stipulation on timing the semi-finals, only in the finals.

London further said he was told by a TUCO member that while there would be a clock at the venue, there would be no timing of contestants.

Had he no be penalized the 4 points, London would have tied with Lady Gypsy and All-Rounder.

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