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Violent family tragedies have befallen 2 Caribbean music artists.

First last week, Trinidad & Tobago Soca artist Blaxx, lost his sister-in-law, after she was murdered by an ex-boyfriend at her job.

While working, Jamilia DeRevenaux received a call from the man asking her to meet in the parking lot. Shortly after arriving, loud screams were heard, and DeRevenaux was found with her throat slit. The man responsible was on the run 5 day before turning himself into police. Charges are pending.

Then yesterday it was reported that the daughter of Reggae artist Anthony Cruz was murdered by her mother’s new husband.

Cruz’s 15-year-old daughter, Shanice Smith, and her mother Karen Lyle were shot and killed in Sunrise, Fl., by Lyle’s husband of 10 months.

3 days after committing the crime, Kevin Nelson, drove his 8-year-old son to his sister’s house and told her that he killed Lyle after an argument, then said “just kidding”.

Upon returning home, Nelson called 911 to report gunshots, the hung up. When the operator called back, he told her that he fired the shots and that the 2 were dead, calling them by their full names. Police took him into custody following a 5 hour standoff.

2 hours into the stand-off Nelson sent a text to Lyle’s brother that read “Shanice, Karen and me are dead. The cops is here and the news crew”.

He also texted a friend of his wife’s accusing her of cheating on him with her ex-husband, lying to him, embarrassing him and talking down to him.”

Kevin Nelson has been charged with two counts of murder without premeditation.

Anthony Cruz posted a picture of his daughter with the caption “I can’t believe they kill my one and only daughter”.

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