Written by on March 3, 2017

A British parliamentarian has lashed out at the Jamaican government for refusing the U.K.’s offer to help fund a prison.

Last year the U.K. extended an offer to Jamaica to partially fund construction of a new prison so the U.K. could deport Jamaican natives imprisoned in the country back to their land of origin to complete their sentences.

Jamaica’s government turned down the offer saying the terms of the agreement would be more beneficial to the U.K than Jamaica, as the remaining cost of the prison would fall on Jamaican tax payers.

Yesterday British parliamentarian Philip Hollobone was quoted in U.K. newspaper, The Sun, saying “The reaction from the Jamaican government is a complete disgrace.”

Hollobone is demanding that urgent arrangements be made to deport convicted Jamaican nationals, even suggesting the U.K. bill the Jamaican government £30,000 annually to cover the cost of keeping the prisoners.

Currently there are almost 600 Jamaicans imprisoned in British jails with many convictions related to drugs and violence.

Meanwhile other reports say the U.K. will return an unconfirmed number of Jamaicans next Wednesday on a deportation charter flight.

The move has drawn harsh criticisms from immigration and asylum support organizations who compare the mass deportations to ‘modern day slavery’, and say it unlawfully targets specific nationalities in order to fill up seats on the charter flight.

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